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Born in Decatur, Illinois, Steve began his film career in a distinctly Corman-esque style, directing a string of successful B movies in Florida in the early 90s. These included the home video/cable hits Dark Universe (1993) and Jack-O (1995), as well as the cult classic Vampire Trailer Park (1991). Relocating to Los Angeles, Steve continued his career as both writer and director, though on markedly larger budgeted projects. With a filmography well into the double digits, Steve's recent screenwriting credits have included the family adventure _American Black Beauty (2005), starring Dean Stockwell and the upcoming Sci Fi Channel superhero adventure, _Stan Lee's Lightspeed (2006). He and his former wife Patricia (divorced 2003) have a son, Ryan Thomas, born 5 June 1986.

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Commando d Return of the Killer Shrews - Writer - (2012) Lightspeed - Writer - (2006) Jack-O - Director - (1995)