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Yarrow Kraner is an entrepreneur, director, mentor, and is founder of CHISEL industries and HATCH. CHISEL is a creative firm, idea incubator, and multi-platform production company with a successful legacy in branding, guiding and growing organizations. After graduating Film School, Yarrow spearheaded one of the highest-rated documentaries to air on Discovery Channel, then moved to Los Angeles to direct commercials and music videos, where his creative ideas and work have been recognized internationally. He has directed projects for Virgin Atlantic, T-Mobile, Warner Brothers, Levi's, DIRECTV, KEEN Footwear, Columbia Records, Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course, several Universities, tech start-ups, and more. Yarrow is now signed with Virgin Produced as a Director.In 1999 Yarrow founded what WIRED Magazine referred to as "one of the pioneer social networking communities," He and his team grew the company virally to over 1.5 million subscribers worldwide, becoming one of the hottest destination sites for youth 12-24 at that time. The foundation, worked with national charities, children's hospitals, and teamed up with Shaquille O'Neal for an inner-city stay-in-school program to empower youth to help achieve their potential. In 2004 Fox Studios bundled and purchased My Space, Superdudes, and for $650 Million.After eight years in Los Angeles, and the sale of Superdudes Yarrow returned to Montana, and founded two companies: CHISEL and HATCH.HATCH is a Non-Profit to Unite Creative Leaders to HATCH a Better World through mentorship in creativity and Innovation. HATCH is a global thought-leader network that cross-pollinates film, music, design, technology, and numerous innovative industries. HATCH has connected over 500 mentors to over 5000 students since 2004, and has been visited by over 150 countries, and some of the HATCH panels have been downloaded over 1 million times.Recent recognition - Human Spirit Award Recipient, Project Peace on Earth Steering Committee, 2013 Aspen Institute Fellow.Specialties:Branding, Story-telling, Start-up launching, filmmaking, photography, heart-tugging, action inspiring, mentoring, dream-doing, networking, entrepreneurial,

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