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Who in their right mind would be crazy enough to walk away from a stable and successful career in IT to pursue "the actor's life?" Apparently, Tom Shafer is.It all started a few years ago when Tom volunteered to be in a student film. That first performance in front of a camera was a mind-opening experience that ignited his passion for acting. From that experience and others that quickly followed, he became certain that acting was his "second act" career.A newcomer to film and stage, Tom threw himself into independent film and community theater with gusto. One of his first roles was in the award-winning 48 Hour Film short AIDAN 5. AIDAN 5 evolved into a critically acclaimed web series, in which Tom continued to share his talents. As a member of Columbus' Raconteur Theatre Company, Tom was widely cast in dramas, comedies and one-act plays. He portrayed characters as diverse as the overbearing patriarch of a farm family and a thirty-something right-wing blogger. Tom seized each opportunity to grow as a performer and was able to bring his life experiences to quickly bring depth and realism to his characters.Tom's desire to be in film productions has been a consistent motivation. In the span of a few years, he has been fortunate to have speaking roles in feature films and shorts.

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Super 8 - Town Hall Citizen #3 - (2011) Les marches du pouvoir - Hotel Manager - (2011) Secretariat - Nassau County Police - (2010) Aidan5 - Lucas Bailey - (2008)