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Born and raised in the San Fernando Valley...graduated from Granada Hills High School...a graduate of CSUN (Political Science and American Government). Went on a treasure hunt in the Caribbean sick with dysentery and malaria....joined the US Coast Guard; went to Saudi Arabia and Bahrain during Desert Storm as a communications technician...finished a Master's Degree in Educational Technology at California Lutheran University, Thousand Oaks...finished a Master's Degree in the Earth Sciences (Meteorology and Geology) at Mississippi State University...joined the US Navy...performed weather forecasts for the SEAL team in Coronado Island...taught US Navy personnel the subject of basic meteorology (Observer's Module)...joined the US Air Force...served in Dallas, TX after 9/ well as Noble Eagle, Iraqi Freedom as an intelligence analyst...started a business repairing antique slot machines...incorporated a year later...retired from teaching math/science...wrote several science fiction adventure books: (The Teleporter I; Tornado Chaser; The Land Beyond Escape; The Hallway Mosaic; The Light in the Floor; Corridors of Mirrors; The Musical Equation; The Desalination Device, The Teleporter II, Beyond the Light In the Floor - Metamorphosis; The Long Delayed Echo)...act in TV, film and stage...write romantic poetry and songs, repair grandfather clocks and build cabinetry...perform two pan flutes (22-pipe grand tenor and 27-pipe baritone) 38-string harp (Triplett Eclipse lever): A1 to C7.

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