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Sergio Myers is an award winning documentary filmmaker, reality television show creator/showrunner and former hiphop artist.Myers has recently completed feature film 'The Zombinator', feature documentary 'Invisible Scars' and most recently apart of the highly successful reality TV series Car Vs America powered by Jalopnik for Fusion TV, King of the Road with Thrasher Magazine for Viceland, Croc Catchers NT for National Geographic Channel Australia and USA. He has also produced series for New Zealand and Australia TV.Myers career as a Director/Producer began by, winning the EBE Award for his documentary about the Heaven's Gate Cult. Myers secured exclusive access into this controversial cult. Millions of viewers all over the world watched this story unfold and was only told how these people died and Sergio Myers wanted to show how they lived. The film won the EBE Award for Best Documentary, and was presented at the Margaret Mead Film Festival and later inducted into the American Museum of Natural History.The worldwide recognition of this documentary and Myers skills at gaining access and story telling, Myers was hired to Produce, direct and write 9 episodes of E! True Hollywood Stories. Some never before told stories included such celebrities as Redd Foxx, Linda Blair, The Kennedy's, Andy Kaufman and Bo Derek.Sergio Myers later went on to reality television, he was the creator and executive producer of the highly anticipated reality TV series, Sorority Life; on MTV. Sorority life was the first ever all female docu-soap series. For the first time ever, the MTV network picked up 13 episodes of Sorority Life; without a pilot. The series ran for 3 seasons, from there came the spin off series Fraternity Life for 2 seasons and three half hour specials, Meet The Greeks. His television series Sorority Life became the 'summers guilty pleasure' according to Entertainment Weekly.Having had the success of his previous projects Myers secured development deals with HBO, MGM, VH1 and co-executive produced a pilot for FX. He then went on to direct and exec produce several reality series for Spike TV including 10 Things Every Guy Should Experience, Tripped Out: The Ultimate Guy Vacation, Crash Test and Street Racer before starting his four year hiatus into the world of hiphop where he ultimately developed the character Pony Boi (recorded an album with the hit single Dont Shake it feat DaBrat) for his mockumentary Becoming Pony Boi.2009 BIFFY Award Winner Best Soundtrack for his Boret style, Mockumentary which he starred-wrote-directed and performed all of the songs 'Becoming Pony Boi'. 2008 Indie Fest Award Winner. Official selection 2009 Chicago International Movies and Music Festival (CIMMfest), British Film Festival, Thailand International Film Festival, 2008 Best Comedy Feature Winner New York International Independent Film and Video Festival.

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Frock My World - Producer - (2012) Invisible Scars - Producer - (2015) Jordon Saffron: Taste This! - Producer - (2009) LA Love Story Part 2 - Producer - (2012)