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Sam Sabbah was born on June 5, 1979 in Redlands, California. However, he was primarily raised in Visalia, CA. Sabbah, who is gifted athletically, participated in various sports such as basketball, football, and swimming growing up. He has also practiced martial arts for many years. After high school, Sabbah bounced around from college to college as a collegiate athlete. He eventually ended up at Fresno State University where he earned his bachelor's degree in sociology with a minor in psychology. Sabbah also spent some time trying to play arena football after college, and his brother, who is ten months his senior, played basketball overseas for four years. To stay out of trouble, Sabbah decided to turn his attention to acting. During his senior year at Fresno State, he was discovered and was first seen in a national commercial for Jet Blue Airlines. Shortly after filming the Jet Blue commercial, Sabbah was seen in Danity Kane's "Showstopper" music video. He also booked his first feature film role in Mr. and Mrs. Smith.Sam Sabbah has just booked a Lead in a International Gatorade Commercial.

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Mr. & Mrs. Smith - Bodyguard #1 - (2005) Art School Confidential - Scary Local - (2006) American Crude - Arresting Officer - (2008) L Word - MP - (2007)