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Peter Crafts was born in Everett Mass. He became an actor at age 44 when was cast by Martin Scorcese as "Jimmy the Drinker" in the "act accordingly" scene opposite Jack Nicholson in The Departed. In early 2005 he was prompted by longtime Robert Deniro stand-in and actor, John Polce, to audition in Boston. Polce is a Boston transplant who auditioned in LA in front of Ellen Lewis for the role of a cop (which he landed). She told him they were looking for "Irish toughs" . Polce informed her he grew up with the Crafts brothers and about 20 other Irish guys in Boston. 5 out of 6 Crafts brothers, along with about 20 others from their neighborhood went into CP Casting in Boston to audition for Ms Lewis. After 2 call backs and 2 meetings with Mr. Scorcese, Peter Crafts was cast in the first principal role he ever auditioned for. Beginner's luck? In any case Crafts was bitten by the acting bug. Along with building his small produce delivery business in the Boston area, he has fervently pursued an acting career. He is proud of the fact that he may be the only "actor/produce delivery guy" ever. As a late bloomer Crafts has wanted to "pay his dues" as an actor. He has worked background on just about every movie that has filmed in Boston since '05 and has auditioned for at least 10 roles in movies such as Gone Baby Gone, The Fighter, Edge of Darkness, The Equalizer and others. Crafts had the leading role in over 20 local college films. He is somewhat of a legend in the Boston University and Emerson communities. Usually cast as a tough guy, homeless,the father type or a hit man. Due to his quick wit and easy going nature, the movies he is cast in sometimes turn into comedies. Crafts has honed his acting skills by taking numerous classes and workshops in the Boston area. He is widely known for being the "quintessential Boston guy" with a strong, authentic Boston accent. On April 14, 2013, Crafts married his long-time girlfriend and "love of his life", Heide Signes, at a gazebo on the pond in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston. Crafts lives in Boston with his new wife and daughter Jonique. He also has a son, Patrick and a daughter, Kaleigh, from his first marriage.

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