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Nabeel El Khafif is a Canadian-born actor, and former physician and surgeon. He has played a variety of roles on film and television, including 'In Contempt', 'The Mist', 'X-men: Apocalypse', 'The Art of More', and 'American Gothic'.Nabeel El Khafif was born January 2, 1984 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. He is the eldest of two children from Gamila Zahran, a pharmacist, and Mahmoud El Khafif, an economist and diplomat with the United Nations. He is of Egyptian descent. Throughout elementary, middle, and high school Nabeel performed in school drama productions and often garnered the praise of the audience and his teachers. He excelled academically, skipping three grades, and finishing 13 years of schooling at the age of 15. After being discouraged from pursuing a career in the performing arts, Nabeel attended the University of Waterloo where he studied Bioinformatics. After graduation he was still intent on becoming an actor, however he was forced to pick up a variety of odd jobs to support himself, and eventually gave in to family pressures again to pursue Medical school.He attended Medical school at the University of Geneva, Switzerland, where the curriculum was entirely delivered in French. Upon completion of his schooling he was immediately hired by the University of Geneva hospital as a surgical resident. He obtained a Master's degree in medicine and won several awards for his research on Pancreatic and Islet transplantation, which was subsequently published in a peer-reviewed journal. It was during this period that Nabeel realized he was quickly moving towards the fulfillment of a dream that "was not his." After much careful reflection, he resigned from his position at the hospital, and returned to Toronto to begin pursuing a career in acting.Upon his return to Canada, Nabeel trained at the Second City Conservatory and the Professional Actor's Lab, both institutions being well known for their respective Alumni. His first film role was a minuscule appearance in X-men Apocalypse, and he has since appeared in a variety of film and television roles. Nabeel prides himself on being able to break rules and push the boundaries set by other people's perceptions.

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The Mist - Raj Al-Fayed / Raj - (2017) X-Men: Apocalypse - Falafel Shop Owner - (2016) The Art of More - Marwan Alnasseri - (2016) American Gothic - Terry the Sketch Artist - (2016)