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Born in the small Southern New Jersey village of Audubon, Ken Szwak was tantamount to an alien life form to those who met him for the first time. The details of his childhood, as well as his lack of a middle name, are shrouded in secrecy (or it may be that I just find them too bland a story to tell). Ken first got his acting bug from appearing on the stage in such productions as The Crucible and The Ground Zero Club as well as with the sketch comedy group The Flying Grimenzii Brothers. On screen, he is best know for his appearances in The Hollywood Warrioress, Do No Harm, and most recently, Untold Stories of the ER which highlight his real life day job as an Emergency Medicine Physician Assistant. When not practicing medicine or futilely attempting to be an actor, he can be found playing music with one of his two bands.

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Hollywood Warrioress: The Movie - Tommy - (2016) Do No Harm - OR Staff - (2013) Untold Stories of the ER - Himself - (2016)