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Jonny Caines began performing (acting and singing) at an early age through school plays and church musicals.In his late teen years Jonny attended college at both Sheridan and Seneca at York where he studied: Art Fundementals, Graphic Design and Classical Animation.After studying fine arts; Jonny continued his training in the Brazilian martial art of Capoeira. Not too long after which; he began performing Capoeira in martial art/acrobatic shows circa 2005.Since then he has expanded his performance skill-set into other related sports such as martial arts "Tricking", Parkour/Free-Running, Fight Choreography and Stunts.In 2007 Jonny joined stunt team: Team2X where he performed live stage shows and worked his way into the TV and Film Industry. During this time he has also worked on his acting with short film and web-video content.Now a professional Stuntman and Actor, Jonny has performed various roles for Music Videos, TV, Film and Live shows around the world.

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Wolves - Stunts - (2014) A Christmas Horror Story - Stunts - (2015) One Drop - Stunts - (2016) Kill Order - Stunts - (2017)