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John Joseph Lindsey grew up in two very different lifestyles. Raised primarily in Hawaii, but lived in southern and northern California for sometime in his early years. And through this experience attended many schools from elementary through high school. His parents were travelers, and John had to rely on his own creativity to make it through the challenges of life. John's diversity regarding humanistic values were created through his life's travels and lessons. But after a life of military and merchant marine life, John decided bring his family to the east coast and create a good foundation for a new life in the hospitality business. From here John witnessed the film art forms and stage art forms through the new life he started on the east coast. It was a revelation to him, because it reminded him so much of his school years in Drama. So a new path was found and John took to this new found life to be what he needed most in life. A place to tell his story. So through the years of building this career, John found out that the camera liked him. So many films were made and many friends were made. And through his friends and films he was able to build quite a resume. If not for the teachings of writer/director/actor Kevin Lasit, these dreams would have been hard to come by for John.

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In Your Eyes - Airport Counter Customer - (2014) Exceptional - Captain Brentwood - Jonah Lives - 1st Male Swinger - (2015) Dark Disciple - Paramedic - (2016)