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Itsuka is a Japanese singer-song-writer & an actress. She was born in Tokyo, grew up in the middle of busy Tokyo, spent some time in other countries and got stimulated by various kinds of music and culture.She's been writing hundreds of original songs through her life. Her songs were featured on WOWOW TV Program "Weather Clip" (2009), Olympus OM-D EM-5 promotional video "Friendship"(2011) and the movie "When Sushi Met Saki" (2014).She started her acting career in 2012. She played one of the main character in the Japanese scene of "FINAL"(2013) by Timothy A. Chey.She was selected for the female lead role in the upcoming movie "When Sushi Meets Saki" by Michael Solton, costarring with Jason London and Jonathan Sherr.The film is now in production.Also she will appear on the upcoming movie "Ex-Free"(2014) by Troy Byer.

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Love in Tokyo - Saki - (2015) Ex-Free - Web Chat Friend (Tokyo) - (2015) Final: The Rapture - Keiko Suzuki - (2013)