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Hawk Younkins lives between Los Angeles and Tampa, Florida while pursuing a career as an Actor / Producer / MMA Fighter.Hawk recently retired from the Pro Wrestling to focus solely on his acting/fighting careers. He has been an actor since he was 6 years old starting with children's traveling theatre group in Florida.Hawk has recently signed a deal with XFC Fighting, as he follows his dream of becoming a star in MMA.He is training at Chameleon MMA. He also studies full time with Howard Fine, in conjunction with my training with Kent Skov and Dan Weisman at LA Connection Comedy. He studies under Scott Sedita for dramatic acting for film and television.Recently, Hawk was awarded the Best Actor award for a Dramatic Film at the Tampa International Film Festival. He is a thespian at heart and determined to pursue his long term career as an actor for as long as he lives, because one can not be a fighter/wrestler forever.While on athletic scholarship for Football and Ice Hockey, he majored in Theatre at the University of Idaho and minored in Television/Film Production. He also spent two years in Air Force ROTC and am in SAG/AFTRA/AEA.

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Dirty Love - Big Jon - (2005) Cold Case: Affaires classées - Dan Saller / Jeff Samuels - (2003-2005) Alexander: Hero of Heroes - Alexander the Great - (2007) Wanted - Officer Wilson / Swat Officer - (2005)