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Dot Gregory was raised in North Carolina but now resides in Virginia. Dot decided after age 50 to start a acting career! She is an experienced actor/model with a demonstrated history working in film, theater, print and commercials. Her first acting job was a recurring role as court stenographer on Matlock. Her next role playing a nun on a film Shirley MacLaine directed and she has been working steady since her amazing start. A member of SAG/AFTRA since 2000. She has worked on films with many major actors such as Morgan Freeman, Shirley MacLaine, Robin Wright, Tess Harper, Ellen Burstyn, Andy Griffith, John Ritter, Claire Danes, Michael Kelly, Daniel Day Lewis, Sally Field, Steven Spielberg, etc....Dot is also experienced with stand-in and photo double work. Dot enjoys giving back by working on college and high school film projects.

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Bruno - Sister Mary Bibianna - (2000) Lincoln - Balcony Shouter - (2012) Captain America: Le soldat de l Loggerheads - Music Minister - (2005)