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Diana Lotus (birth name Diana Sillaots) was born on June 17, in Tallinn, Estonia, North-Europe. As a kid she spent most of her evenings in the theater, where her mother worked. At an early age she won an award for her role of Mrs. Trunchbull in the play "Matilda", in a school play. At the age of 13, modeling agent discovered her walking down the street. Shortly after that, she was on her way to Tokyo, Milan, London, Paris, New York City etc. She worked all over the world for the next several years with high level photographers, brands and fashion designers (works included several fashion campaigns, advertising, editorials, magazine covers and more than 100 fashion shows). Her passion for film however, had always been following her and she decided to take a short workshop in film acting, in Paris. There she met an inspirational teacher Bela Grushka, who introduced her to the magic of acting. She decided to continue her training for film later that year in New York City. In 2011, she moved to New York City and has been working with several independent short and feature films ever since. Currently training in Method Acting with David Gideon (per Lee Strasberg and The Actors Studio).

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Allure - Liliana - (2014) Blue Sky - Rebecca - (2008) The Zombinator - Yanna - (2012) Le Nouveau Stagiaire - Customer Care - (2015)